Header The Fastener Machinery PRX 36E CNC


Workpiece Diameter 10–36 mm
Spindle Diameter 80 mm
Die Diameter max. 230 mm
Die Mounting Length max. 200 mm
Rolling Force 300 kN
Swivel Angle -
Speed 40–315 RPM (10 steps)
Connecting Load 30/80 kW/A
Width 4060 mm
Length 3060 mm
Height 2650 mm
Weight 7300 kg
The Fastener Machinery PRP 16e

PRP 16e

Workpiece Diameter 8–16 mm
Spindle Diameter 127 mm
Die Diameter max. 340 mm (Segment)
Die Mounting Length max. 35–85 mm
Rolling Force -
Swivel Angle -
Speed 0–200 RPM (stepless)
Connecting Load 22/50 kW/A
Width 2400 mm
Length 1850 mm
Height 2000 mm
Weight 3300 kg
The Fastener Machinery PRT10

PRT 10

Workpiece Diameter 3–10 mm
Spindle Diameter 54 mm
Die Diameter max. 175 mm
Die Mounting Length max. 100 mm
Rolling Force -
Swivel Angle +/- 10°
Speed 35–200 RPM (6 steps)
Connecting Load 7,2/25 kW/A
Width 1140 mm
Length 3780 mm
Height 1490 mm
Weight 2100 kg
Workarea of a PRX

Workarea of a PRX

PRT - set screws

PRT - set screws

PRX - high tensile bolts

PRX - high tensile bolts

PRP - capscrews and plugs

PRP - capscrews and plugs

The Fastener Machinery

Optimized Highspeed Machinery

For manufacturer forced more and more with higher demands it is important to react flexible on small as well as large parts batch requests and to manufacture them in semi- or full-automatic mode.

Most important requirement for fastener elements: light-weight build - with increasing resistance and load.

Profiroll Fastener machinery are a solution for high tensile fastener even made of special material, with integrated quality management realized by a sophisticated CNC.

Further outstanding advantages are short changeover times and attractive user interface.


  • Semi- or Full automatic manufacturing even for small batches
  • user-oriented feeding systems
  • up to 1500 parts/min.
  • User guidance
  • optimized lines with workpiece adapted rolling processes.


PRX® - Line (for high tensile screws)
Highspeed-Infeed rolling with inserter and up to 60 parts/min. (M14x1,5)

PRP® - Line (for head screws or plugs)
Highspeed rolling with circular-segment-dies up to 1500 parts/min. (M3)

PRT® - Line (threaded bolts)
Throughfeed rolling of threaded bolts up to 8m/min. (M2)