Rolling Die Technology

We want to convince you not only with our most modern production technologies for manufacturing of high quality Thread Rolling Dies, Profile Rollers and Spline Rolling Dies. Cold Forming Dies made by Profiroll represent highest requirements in terms of precision, quality and most notable: our Engineers and Specialists pride for a branded product made in Germany.

Almost 100 employees, tool designers, engineers, production specialists, programmer, crafter and quality inspectors are providing with a 3-shift system fast availability and shortest lead times. For manufacturing of dies we use our 70 years of experience for your benefit.

We would like to invite you to visit the Profiroll Die Manufacturing personally or get a first overview with our virtual Tour.

Technique and Technology Support

Rolling Dies made by Profiroll - Please let our die designers and process engineers support you to develop a optimal rolling die. We also offer to check and test the new rolling die with our machinery and delivery it to you together with rolled and measured workpieces.

Rolling Die Finish – For every application and material we offer a specialized hardening, heat treatment process or a coating. In our own heat treatment systems we can optimize the workpiece characteristics according to the requirements of the process. Additionally the Rolling Die coating brand PROSurface BlackDiamond helps to increase the lifetime of rolling dies.

Checking of Feasibility - We offer usage of our development capacity to analyse the coldforming feasibility and to present solutions. Please ask our engineers to evaluate profile geometries you want to roll in the future. Use process development orders to optimize rolling die and profile design. Let us check your process. Finally receive tested and process adapted rolling dies directly for your serial production. 

Profiroll Toolmanagement System

To achieve a flexible rolling dies supply for our customers we offer a tool management system.

Your profit:

  • short lead times because of blank or rolling die storage at Profiroll
  • reduced storage costs and area due to usage of our capacity
  • die lifetime analysis and evaluation

Decades of experience allow us to identify critical profiles in an early stage like the development process. Rolling dies can now be produced in an adequate quantity to be always available for serial production. Downtimes will not occur.

Additionally we offer a partnership to evaluate different die lifetimes and to optimize process and rolling die profile to minimize rolling die costs per part.

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  • Fax.: +49 34243 74 - 447

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