Profiroll Library

Burnishing of CEPS Worms

Burnishing of CEPS Steering Worms is a current Topic in the field of coldforming. Worms that have been manufactured by cutting are brought into final shape by burnishing rolling process while in same time a surface free of any feed marks or roughness Peaks is created. Profiroll explains about this process.



Knurling or knurl rolling is besides of rolling of metric threads one of the most used applications of cold rolling. Depending on type of knurl and geometric characteristics like precision of Major Diameter or number of teeth a suitable machine and rolling dies have to be chosen and an efficient process has to be adapted.


eMobility Rotor shaft

Involute splines on hollow shafts thanks to Thruforce Rolling now applicable also on rotor shafts of electro motors for electric vehicles.   


Ball screw rolling

Ball screw rolling places the highest demands on rolling machine and die quality. At the same time, a lot of experience with the process chain is necessary. This article gives an insight into this supreme discipline of rolling.


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