Profiroll cares about the environment

Energy Efficiency

Because of decreasing amount of resources, climatic changes and the energy transformation in Germany Profiroll commits to abide by an internal comprehensive efficiency programm. This includes: 


Minimization of energy consumption during operation

  • rehabilitation and isolation of buildings
  • optimization of existing machine processes and usage of energy recovery Systems 


 Increase energy efficiency of Profiroll machine tools

  • New drive concepts
  • Optimization of process lubrication
  • activity in the field of Blue Competence of VDMA 


  Development of new areas of application for coldforming technique

  • replacement of machining processes by coldforming processes with same quality
  • increasing usage of FEM and vibration analysis



In form (EG) No. 1907/2006 of EU-Parliament and Council on 18th of December 2006 in EU-Publication 296/1 (20.12.06) the REACH-regulation was published. REACH (Registry, evaluation, authorisation of chemicals). All requirements have been fulfilled. Profiroll is a REACH down stream user, because Profiroll does not introduce chemical materials into commerce.




The Profiroll Disposal System is part of environment safety system.

The appropriate recycling, storage and disposal, conforming to law, is organised and documented reliably. For recycling and und storage corresponding technical systems and processes are installed.

All materials that are probably dangerous for environment are only disposed by certified company.

For monitoring of these processes a management authorized employee is responsible. Tasks are collecting of information, checking of storage, recycling and disposal, calculates capacity of corresponding material and chooses partners for disposal.

Employees for Disposal, WHG and Reach have to work together and  improve current processes continuously.

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